As technology becomes integrated into the daily lives of individuals, those using cyberspace are confronted with the challenge of protecting their personal information. Cyber users are accessing cyberspace, but lack the knowledge and skills on how to protect themselves and their information when they do. Cyber users go online for information, for educational purposes, to socialise and to work. This site provide cyber safety awareness knowledge to assist all cyber users to grow an cyber safety awareness culture within South Africa. 

Learners have incredible opportunities for entertainment and self-education in cyberspace, using an array of digital applications and devices. Learners spend a significant amount of time surfing the Internet and communicating online via social media or gaming platforms. Schools are also using more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT devices as part of their educational programme support and office -based functions. It is therefore vital that learners, teachers, administrative staff and parents (or caregivers) are forewarned about online dangers and are trained to detect/avoid potential threats and are empowered to better deal with any possible incidents should they occur.

The Cyber Safety and Awareness Toolkit was established to provide cyber safety and awareness education for learners, and to equip teachers with the ability to foster a cybersafety mindset and culture. The aim of the Toolkit is to support underserved communities and schools which may lack the facilities to deliver cyber safety education. This interactive toolkit has been developed in collaboration with the University of South Africa (UNISA),  the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) and the British High Commission. 

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Project Leader:  Prof E Kritzinger 

MSc & PHD (Information Systems), PGCE  & MEd (Technology) 

Information Systems Department, School of Computing

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

University of South Africa (Unisa)