School Documents for Cyber Safety Awareness Management 

Policies and Procedures.pdf

Learners have incredible opportunities for entertainment and self-education in cyberspace, using an array of digital applications and devices. They spend a significant amount of time surfing the Internet and communicating online via social media or gaming platforms. Schools are also using more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT devices as part of their educational programme support and office-based functions. It is therefore vital that learners, teachers, administrative staff and parents (or caregivers) are forewarned about online dangers, trained to detect/avoid potential threats, and are empowered to better deal with any possible incidents should they occur. A cyber safety toolkit has been created to assist in achieving the goal of establishing a safer cyberspace for all.

This document provides governance, monitoring and incident response guidance to assist South African (SA) schools to better manage cyber safety and awareness requirements. The key objectives of this document are:

MREL Plan.pdf

MREL Plan for schools 

The MREL plan outlines the monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning of an item one is attempting to rollout. MREL is an approach that has mainly been developed to measure and assess the impact, efficiency, sustainability, and success of the toolkit in transferring of information to the learners using the cyber safety awareness toolkit. 

It is important to note that research was conducted surrounding the toolkit items, which also outlines the use of these items.