Cyber Safety Awareness Guideline documents for Schools

MREL Plan for Schools

This guide has been developed to support your school to increase knowledge, confidence and success in Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluation and Learning (MREL) in the rollout of the cyber safety awareness programme. It aims to strengthen your MREL practices; enhance your capacity to become more effective; and maximise your impact; through review and learning with partners and the communities you work with.

This guide will be useful to your organisation in two main ways:

  • If your organisation is new to MREL - it will walk you through the steps for setting up and implementing MREL systems for your projects.

  • If you already have a MREL system in place, it will guide you to review and improve the MREL systems you already have in place.

In either case, this guide will support your organisation’s efforts to monitor, evaluate and learn from your project activities and results to enhance your effectiveness and impact.

BHC - MREL Plan_V1.0s.pdf
Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Procedures_s.pdf

Cyber Safety Awareness Policies and Producers documents for Schools

This document provides governance, monitoring and incident response guidance to assist South African (SA) schools to better manage cyber safety and awareness requirements.

The key objectives of this document are:

  • To provide schools with recommendations on improving cyber safety awareness.

  • To identify the specific risk, threats, vulnerabilities, and recommended guidance applicable to learners, teachers, administrative staff and parents (or caregivers) in SA.

  • To equip users of this document with the understanding of how to better protect themselves and learners under their care.

  • To outline an approach in order to improve cyber risk management for the typical SA school environment and minimise the harm caused by incidents.